Raisin Cane Arts & Media, LLC.( RCA Media)* offers a wide range of creative services in the areas of print, digital and web design/development and has worked with clients in a wide range of industries.
Whether you are in need of a hand drawn illustration or a hand coded website, my more than 10 years of hands on experience qualifies me as the right man for the job.

RCA Media’s goal is to provide premium design work and service at a great value and to successfully develop first rate design work, that gets our clients brand and message across to their target audience effectively. As a “one man show”, Raisin Cane Arts & Media works closely with clients to fully understand your business, goals, audience, and budget and to clearly define your project requirements and your designed results. This one on one relationships makes you/the client a part of the design process from brainstorm ideas and design concepts, to the production of final designs. No work is considered complete until client approval. This is Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P) in determining your projects success and to ensure I’ve have met your satisfaction.

Raisin Cane Arts & Media (RCA Media) was established in 1995 by artist Antonio C Smith, known to some as “CANE” as an idea, catch phrase and a hobby and has since grown from Raisin Cane Graphics, to Raisin Cane Arts & Design and now Raisin Cane Arts & Media, LLC.( RCA Media)*


*RCA Media= Raisin Cane Arts & Media